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About OshCure

The word OSH has been derived from the Om Shreem Hreem.

Om, the universal resonance is the ultimate energy source. Om’s energy is ever-flowing and all-encompassing. Shreem is lord Shiva’s (a destroyer of darkness) wife, Maa Parvati, denoting abundance of desirable materialistic things and instiller of strength. Hreem is Brahma’s wife and connotes the goddess of learning, Saraswati. This fusion of divine energies connotes the removal of obstacles by purification of thoughts and action at the deepest level and guidance of enlightenment. OshCure is a brainchild of Dr. Sandeep Kataria, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Dr.Sandeep Kataria believes in health care for all and alternate healing. He has an immense zeal to help others. It is this belief and extensive knowledge of Ayurveda that made him go back to his roots and re-invent these Ayurveda products with his research team.




“Getting Good results. This works for me. My insulin intake has been reduced significantly. I am surely going to refer my friends for the same”.
“Your product is The Best” Best it sits me along with insulin. I am diabetic for more than 20 years I have used many Ayurvedic drugs in the past but your one is the best.
New Delhi
"My glucose level started to rise within 30 days without any side-effects. I strongly recommend every diabetic patient to use OshCure for a happy and healthy life.”

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