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The word OSH has been derived from the Om Shreem Hreem.

Om, the universal resonance is the ultimate energy source. Om’s energy is ever-flowing and all-encompassing. Shreem is lord Shiva’s (a destroyer of darkness) wife, Maa Parvati, denoting abundance of desirable materialistic things and instiller of strength. Hreem is Brahma’s wife and connotes the goddess of learning, Saraswati. This fusion of divine energies connotes the removal of obstacles by purification of thoughts and action at the deepest level and guidance of enlightenment.

OshCure is a brainchild of Dr. Sandeep Kataria, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Dr.Sandeep Kataria believes in health care for all and alternate healing. He has an immense zeal to help others. It is this belief and extensive knowledge of Ayurveda that made him go back to his roots and re-invent these Ayurveda products with his research team.

Ayurveda is a science of medicine with historical roots in Indian culture. Ayurveda is capable of giving answers to questions that are posed at a biological and physical level. Cure for various diseases and ailments can be found in Ayurveda.

Today, across the globe, Ayurveda is being used as alternative medicine.  It is said that Ayurveda was medical knowledge which was transmitted from Gods to sages and from sages to human physicians. At OshCure, we strive to work towards healing at a deep level by enabling a delicate balance between mind, body and spirit through the use of our proprietary concoction of special herbs and plants that balance the internal environment of the body.

All OshCure products are made available to the public after years of extensive research and clinical trials. A good amount of feedback for individuals with conditions is taken at the product trials and then this data is used in improving our products. At OshCure improving our products is a constant process. OshCure establishment believes in being transparent with its consumers and doesn’t hide ingredients or supplement facts in the name of proprietary blends like our other competitors in the market do. OshCure products are a one-time complete solution and you don’t need to repeat the course until and unless there’s an occurrence of some incident or lifestyle changes. OshCure products have no side effects of any kind and don’t cause any temporary or permanent damages to the human body. OshCure’s zeal to heal at competitive prices makes us stand out from our competitors.

OshCure has all the necessary certification from the Department of Food and Drug Administration, also known as FSSAI. We follow all the necessary norms for drug & food safety and at all-time maintain the necessary standards. OshCure is a product by Akhil Bhartiya Jaat Mahasabha (ABJMS).

OSH also stands for – Optimum Strength & Haleness. Organic healing at its best.


At OSHCURE, we strive to work toward healing at the deep level of enabling a delicate balance between mind, spirit, and body through the use of special herbs and plant concocHon that balance the internal environment of the body.

OshCure uses natural Ayurvedic formaHon for your peace of mind. OshCure makes a significant commitment to modern social insurance that we treat the illness at its source as opposed to only assuaging indications.

The premise lies in retreat and in strengthening the body’s spiritual awareness to keep up flawless wellbeing. Choose OshCure for guaranteed healing of your body through the magic of Ayurveda OshCure that is striving towards providing quality Ayurveda products to heal your body and its diseases.


  • OshCure Ayurveda is known for its Ayurveda greatness and iniHaHve. We have faith in making a disease-free society, and the aim is to proceed in each move to make society healthy.
  • Ayurveda OshCure brings out simple and responsive soluHons that are Hme-tested, pure, gentle, and secure and designed to restore the quality of life.

OshCure has invented products for you aaer ten years of research that gives you a 100% guarantee of complete get rid of Diabetes. The system of the OshCure Ayurveda works not only on the Diabetes but on the reason behind the Diabetes. This ends the possibility of re-emergence of that disease.

Usually, with modern English allopathic medicines, paHents can get their diabetes control for some time, but as the disease is not completely cured. The reason behind this is that modern English medicines don’t work on the actual reason behind the disease. But Ayurveda does that.

Therefore, join Ayurveda today and make your life healthy.

Our Team

Sandeep Kataria

Dr. Sandeep Kataria S/O Shri J. S. Kataria belongs to a reputed jaat family and is a resident of Gurgaon. He was born on 1st January 1982. His family is known for helping others in need and taking up social causes. Dr. Sandeep Kataria from a very early age understood his duties and took on social responsibilities to help and serve society.

Virender Kumar Bhandari

Virender Kumar Bhandari S/O Late Shri J. R. Bhandari hails from Amritsar, Punjab. He was born on 7th July 1948. He is a graduate from Punjab University. He has worked and helped in different calamities in different parts of the country like Uttarakhand, Andhra Pradesh, and Punjab etc.

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